Invisible Technologies

A single bot that can do everything.

About the project

The Client Dashboard 2.0 is one of the main products currently developed and implemented by Invisible Technologies in our process of growing as a company and also offering our clients the best tools to get the job done while also providing an outstanding experience doing it.

Client Dashboard 2.0 offers a clean and great looking dashboard to its clients. To this point, a lot of the features presented here had to be done manually by the agents and be in constant communication with the client but that has all changed now. The client now has the ability to  manually see for themselves  the current status of their assistant, they can view and download their billing history and also upgrade their current subscription and card details. They also have the possibility of customizing their profile without the help of an Invisible agent and it offers them a product that can act as a midway communicator between them and the company.

Client: Invisible Technologies
Year: 2018
Creative Fields: UI/UX & Web Design
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