Invisible Tech

A single bot that can do everything.

About the project

Invisible is a single bot you can communicate with like a real employee to make hundreds of tedious tasks disappear from your to-do list — so you can focus on what really matters. By combining the power of highly trained people, artificial intelligence, and process innovation, Invisible has built a secure Digital Assembly Line that you access through your bot to get grunt-work done. Teams of highly trained humans are coordinated by Invisible software to automate your mostmundane and repetitive (yet crucial) work.

This  is Invisible, the company I joined as visual designer back in May 2018 and was tasked with creating a new visual identity, brand direction and website. The process has not been easy, but thanks to everybody involved at Invisible, we have managed to recreate the company’s brand image and push the company to a new level. While the company is constantly changing, here is the story and final product of this year’s rebrand.

Client: Invisible Technologies
Year: 2018
Creative Fields: UI/UX & Web Design
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